Executive Coaching

Keren has developed an Executive Coaching process that focuses on leaders reaching their goals with practical and proven methods. Through in-depth dialogue and client interaction, he identifies limiting behaviours, uncovers blind spots, and provides the insights necessary for change.

One-on-one engagement or group facilitation determines a course of action. Keren monitors objectives and clearly defines the outcome. The process engages clients in creative and dynamic ways.

Learn to manage power, resolve conflicts, and enhance your competitive edge!

BelEsprit Inc. Executive Coaching Program
Negotiating Conflict Workshop

Negotiating Conflict Workshop

Negotiating Conflict is a workshop that teaches the hard tactics of approach, deployment, and interaction when navigating your position.

What are your strengths and weaknesses at the table? How do you experience the potential for conflict? When is it best to use nonverbal communication when making demands?

Negotiating Conflict answers these questions and more in a two-day program of dynamic strategies designed to turn ordeals into opportunities.

What Our Clients Say

Keren has worked with our organization for years and has helped us navigate through various challenges. He brings a high level of professionalism in his coaching activities. Keren utilizes a direct approach with clients that is very effective as it forces people to consider perspectives they may not normally do on their own. I highly recommend Keren.

Jim J. Morris, Chief Operating Officer
1832 Asset Management L.P., a division of Scotiabank, Toronto

Keren is, in my opinion, one of the most competent executive coaches in Canada. His work ethic, coaching expertise and methodology are outstanding. Keren has a high degree of professionalism and his coaching skills prepared all of us for success. In addition, his excellent financial industry knowledge helped him identify the challenges we were facing quickly and helped us realize fantastic opportunities

Jean-François Thibault, MBA, Premier Vice-président
Brassard Goulet Yargeau, Services financiers intégrés Patrimoine Hollis, une division de Scotia Capitaux inc., Montreal

We have worked with BelEsprit and Keren Nafte on several projects over the past 7 years. He is a consummate professional. Keren epitomizes discretion and objectivity and is a superhuman listener. He is wise, intuitive and intelligent, and possess an uncanny ability to be wickedly insightful about both people and situations.

Mark Gaskin, President
Manitou Investment Management Ltd, Toronto

I have worked with Keren as an executive coach both in a group setting as well as one-on-one. He is an exceptional listener and it is very easy to examine thoughts and ideas with him. I have found Keren to be particularly effective at helping me see myself and others more objectively. This has allowed me to focus on and modify my behaviour with increasingly positive results in interactions with peers, leaders and staff. The skills I’ve refined have undoubtedly helped me become a better leader.

R.D., Chief Financial Officer
Investment Management Industry, Toronto

The invaluable learnings for me is that he held a mirror up to my face for a true reflection, and I was able to deal more effectively with conflict, self-image and confidence issues but more importantly he showed me that there was a rational explanation for how I behave and how I can change if I wanted to. Receiving individual feedback, interacting with other participants in the group assignments, were a key part of this program, it gave me the confidence to implement these new techniques.

SAB, B. Business Management, Director
Canadian Bank, Toronto

Keren Nafte is one of the most effective professors with whom I have had the pleasure of studying during an aggregate decade of higher education. He is responsive to his students and focused on their needs without losing sight of academic expectations or the need for intellectual rigor.

Russell Worth Parker, J.D., M.A. Candidate,
Career Military Officer, North Carolina

For over twenty years I have relied on the coaching and business advice of Keren Nafte. Words do not properly convey the impact Keren has had on my business success as well as my personal growth. He has positively impacted my life in a significant and material way

Dan Goodman, CFA, CEO
GFI Investment Counsel Ltd., Toronto

Keren has an extraordinary ability to help recognize and manage complex human behaviors. I am very fortunate to have benefited from Keren's expertise and insights, specifically in the areas of communication, negotiations, and leadership. I strongly believe that Keren would be a great asset and partner to any personal or business endeavor that requires action despite uncertain outcomes, collaboration despite individual incentives, and long-term leadership despite short-term distractions.

In short, when it comes to understanding and managing human behaviors and motivations, Keren makes visible what initially may seem invisible.

Kos Lazaridis,
Senior Vice President, Sentry Investments



  • Two days of interactive, 'hands-on' learning
  • Refreshments and Snacks
  • Catered lunch
  • Post workshop evaluation with instructor

Join us for the first of it's kind coaches only workshop GUARANTEED to bring coaches success. The 'Next Step' sales workshop will enable coaches to:

  • Identify and Apply the Sales Process
  • Implement a Sales Interview
  • Integrate Phases of a Sales Cycle
  • Learn how to Prospect
  • Increase your Closing
  • Leverage your Personal Strengths

Monday February 26th and Tuesday 27th, 2018

Wednesday March 28th and Thursday 29th, 2018

Thursday April 19th and April 20st, 2018

Thursday May 24th and May 25st, 2018

Continuing Coach Education Logo

ICF Accredited Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Hours

The Next Step Workshop has been approved by the International Coach Federation for the following Continuing Coach Education hours:

  • Core Comeptencies (2 hours)
  • Resource Development (12 hours)
Keren Nafte - Executive Coach - Toronto

Meet Keren Nafte

Executive Coach, Facilitator, Corporate Trainer.

Keren has decades of experience in organizational design, conflict management and leadership development. He successfully advances clients and their teams through a combination of assessment, dialogue and interaction. Keren is based in Toronto and works within a variety of industries across Canada, the US and Europe.